Reinforced Earth

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Reinforced earth walls are constructed using a system of alternating highly resistant metallic, a synthetic soil reinforcing strips. The strips are separated from each other by 75 cm. layers of compacted gravel backfill. The friction caused by the strips holds the earth in a vertical position with prefabricated concret panels hung from the strips. The function of these panels is not structural in nature rather, they serve as production from rain erosion and the occasional local landslide.

Precast Arches

Standard Drainage Systems
 Hydraulic channels
False Tunnel


Tri-partite precast arches (TechSpan) custom designed as required may be adapted to any situation.

Tech-Walls Pretasa ®

These are the classic tech-walls usually seen in civil works based on overpass/underpass crossings or slope containment walls.

Other applications can be seen in railway construction, such as abutments on overpass/underpass crossings, slope and rail bed containment walls, etc.

Box Girder / U-Beam

The “in situ” panels have been substituted resulting in cost and economy improvements. In comparison with the I Beams they reduce the height of the structure and are better adapted to railroad bridge platforms.



This is the simplest and most well known element of the precast bridge deck. The beam size and shape is easily adaptable to the deck specifications, reading to a wide range of beams depending on each individual situation.



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