Reinforced Earth

Reinforced Earth MSE retaining walls are coherent gravity structures designed to resist specific loading requirements.  The wall’s strength and stability are derived from the frictional interaction between the granular backfill and the synthetic or metallic reinforcing strips.  Due to the product’s design, no wall footings are needed making it possible to build on compressible soils and terrain with a low load bearing capability.

Reinforced Earth techniques are widely used in public infrastructure projects. The most common applications are in the construction of retaining walls and bridge abutments.

Galvanized steel Rehas® (Reinforced Earth High Adhesion Steel) strips are unequalled in terms of structural capability and reliability. Matched with structural requirements and environmental and site conditions these high adherence strips improve and increase the tangential tension between the earth and the framework.

Synthetic Geostrap® strips are available for those situations where either environmental conditions or the nature of the backfill make steel strips unsuitable.  These polyester strips sheathed in a low density polyethylene are ideal for structures subjected to a corrosive environment (i.e. acidic or saltwater situations).

Terraclass®, our trademark cruciform shaped pre-cast facing panel, is the most widely recognized product from Tierra Armada S.A.  Other facing solutions such as Terraplus® (rectangular shaped panels) or Terratel® (wire mesh MSE wall facings) are also available.

A wide variety of attractive decorative finishes other than the traditional facings are also available.  These are especially suitable for architectural finishes, such as a stone effect, and are adaptable to any site.


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