Tech-Walls Pretasa ®

These are the classic tech-walls usually seen in civil works based on overpass/underpass crossings or slope containment walls.

Other applications can be seen in railway construction, such as abutments on overpass/underpass crossings, slope and rail bed containment walls, etc.


Its design is based on the “pi” section, typical of these walls. For a 2.40 m. modulation panel, two trapezoidal wall supporting buttresses are used.

Three standard buttresses with thicknesses of 10, 15 and 20 cm. ranging from 0.5 m. to 12 m. in height are used in designing the wall. There are also special buttresses available far walls and abutments up to 14.50 m. in height.

In the buttresses, where it is embedded in the foundation, assuring the integration of the wall with the foundation.

If necessary an opening is made in the lower part of the panel and a steel reinforcement introduced in order to extend the foundation.

PRETAZIN is a technical software program designed by Tierra Armada, S.A. in order to compute the panel and buttress dimensions and reinforcements for this product.


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