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Reinforced earth walls are constructed using a system of alternating highly resistant metallic, a synthetic soil reinforcing strips. The strips are separated from each other by 75 cm. layers of compacted gravel backfill. The friction caused by the strips holds the earth in a vertical position with prefabricated concret panels hung from the strips. The function of these panels is not structural in nature rather, they serve as production from rain erosion and the occasional local landslide.


According to the intended final use, gravity retaining walls or bridge abutments may be installed, where the horizontal and vertical force of the bridge deck is supported by a load bearing beam transmitting the force to the reinforced earth wall.

The sizing of the strips is done according to the given specifications. The wider strips (50x4 mm) will be used on those parts of the wall that depend con friction, whereas the thicker strips (45x5 mm) are used on those parts that depend on traction.

Three different synthetic strip types are used depending on the degree of traction in question; 37.50, 50.00 and 65.00 Kn. Friction is assured due to a greater numbers of synthetic strips being used than in those instances where a metallic strip is employed.

The ZARAUS and VALDEZ computer programs calculate the internal and external stability of the structure, the density and length of the soil reinforcing strips per facing panel.

The high level of resistance to both static and dynamic forces, makes these reinforced earth walls and abutments the ideal choice for areas with high seismic activity.

Since a foundation is nonexistent, these walls and abutments may be constructed in complex topographical lands capes and limited space situations such as, abutments over rivers, half hillside walls, flood walls, etc.


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