Walls and Abutments

TechWall® precast retaining walls and abutments are an effective solution when a standard footing may be implemented or, when site conditions rule out the use of linear reinforcing strips.

The prefabricated bridge buttresses bear the horizontal as well as the vertical forces of the bridge deck.  In addition to the foundation, the load bearing beam on which the bridge deck rests is also cast onsite.  This beam may be produced in standard heights of 2.40 or 1.20 meters however, other dimensions are also possible.
Allowing for a maximum height of 13.50 m this is a popular solution in both highway and railway over and under passes.


TechBox® is a precast "box" structure derived from TechWall®.  The system is based on placing rectangular cross section beams over the buttresses on which the prefabricated facing slabs, 15 cm in thickness, are then installed.  TechWall® units are available in standard width sizes of 2.40 or 1.20 meters.  Custom sizes may also be produced.


The facings are available in a wide array of decorative finishes, such as stone effects, making them highly effective for urban surroundings or environmentally sensitive sites.


The final result is a load bearing structure in which the only onsite work done is the pouring of the reinforced concrete footings of the buttresses.  All other elements are precast and then assembled on site.


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