U beams

U beams were developed as a complement to I beams. They are especially appropriate in those cases where an aesthetic finish or an exceptionally rigid structural solution is required.  Tierra Armada has developed an extensive catalogue of these types of beams in accordance with market demands.


Depending of the solution to be adopted, three different beam widths with heights ranging from 0.90 to 2.60 meters are currently available.  These beams are capable of spanning short distances, as in the case of highway overpasses or, long distances where exceptionally heavy loads must be supported, such as the construction of viaducts used in high speed railway systems.

The molds allow for the casting of variable beam thicknesses according to project requirements.  Extension jambs in the ends of the beams are used in poststressed structures as in the case of hyperstatic viaducts


15-12-2013 Freyssinet has organized the conference "Leading safety".

On November 28, Tierra Armada and Freyssinet met the staff to inform and discuss about safety at work, with the conference "Leading safety" in the Husa Chamartin Hotel in Madrid.

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